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What is TipsterTube and how does it work?

TipsterTube is a new social platform customized for sports betting. Tipstertube is a venue where bettors and tipsters can come together with all the tools needed to beat the bookies. This is only the first version of Tipstertube. We have already started developing more features and will be adding them as we grow. Each user can choose between an open profile (called public) or a closed profile (called private). Private Tipsters have to accept every user that wants to follow them, they can then post tips both privately (for their followers) or publicly.

What is a tip?

Place a bet you would like shared with your followers or the whole community. Choose the event, make your pick, choose your advised stake and back it up with analysis. Tips can be both verified (available in our database, confirmed by bookmakers) or custom.

What is a Shout?

200 characters large text posts, you can even tag an event when you shout.

What is a Blog?

An unlimited long text post. Possible to tag an event to your blog. If you are sitting on knowledge, share it! All blogs should be betting related.

What is Verified Tip?

Most pre game tips are verified as our odds feed has great coverage. The verified tips are settled automatically by our feed.

What is Unverified Tip?

Inplay tips and custom tips are unverified, which means the Tipster puts in the odds manually and settles the bet manually. Here we trust the integrity of our tipsters and that our users will monitor each other. After the game the user has 24 hours to settle the bet himself, if not it goes down as a lost tip.

How do I settle my bet?

Under tip overview you can settle your tip. Simply click unsettled and choose the right settlement.

Why can't I settle my bet?

Verified tips are settled by our system and can not be manually settled.

My bet is settled as lost but it won

It is mostlikely that your tip was unverified and you did not settle it your self with in 24 hours. You can resettle the tip by going to the tip overview.

Posting a Tip

When posting a tip you first find the event from our feed via the search bar, then choose which market and pick you want to post. Then you choose your stake, bookmaker and write an analasys.

What is Stake?

The stake is the tipsters confidence level on this bet market and is his advised stake on this certain tip. Stakes are on a 1-10 number scale.

What is Analysis?

Analysis is where you justify why you fancy this bet.

Who sees my Tip?

When posting you can choose to post only to your followers or an open tip.

Reviewing your Tip

Always remember to review your tip. It is important because you cannot delete your tip afterwards or edit it.

Match Overview

You can find a match overview by clicking on the match in "Matches" in the menu or from Tip Overview. Under Match Overview you will find all related posts along with all odds on the event.

Tip Overview

By clicking on a tip you will go to the Tip Overview. In Tip Overview you can see the tip in further details along with the tipsters analysis if he places one. Furthermore, you can see the tipster's statistics, related posts and the Match Overview.

The Feed

The Feed we have on TipsterTube is the largest feed out there and currently covers Football, Basketball, Tennis, Handball and Ice Hockey. We get odds from over 100 bookmakers and from various markets.
Still the feed does not cover every sport, game or every market. That’s why we offer custom event and custom pick. So nothing will stop you.


Users can send other users personal message on TipsterTube and chat among themselves which makes it easy for bettors to contact their tipsters directly and keep everything in one place.

Comment and Like

You can comment and like all post types.


On the website we have a notification bell which signals when you have new notifications. Under account and settings you can adjust your notifications settings which suits your needs.

I did not get a notification on a tip

Verify your settings for your profile and that the app is allowed to send you notifications on your phone.

TipsterTube App

We offer push notifications via the TipsterTube app which is available in the iPhone App Store and Android Playstore. Get notifications straight to your phone as soon as your Tipsters post tips.

Email Notification

Along with push notifications to the TipsterTube app you can also get email notification.

What is ratio?

TipsterTube tracks the statistics of the Tipsters. Yield, win ratio and average odds tipped along with few others. That will increase transparency and gives bettors important information. Win ratio shows in % how often the tips wins. It´s the ratio between numbers of tips vs number of winning tips

What is Yeild?

Yeild is a percenatage number that show you how profitable the tipster is and is one of the best statistical information about a tipster. It is calculated. Total staked/total gained or lost

What is Average Odds?

Average odds tipped by the tipster. Think it does not need any more clearification.

What is longest streak or LS?

A streak is the number of winners you have won in a row. Your longest streak displayes your longest winning streak.

How do I turn off notifications on specific post?

Simply click the setting wheel under the post and turn off notifications on that post.


If you have any questions or thoughts please send us an email at