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BLOG 15. Apr 2019 at 11:35

Preseason recap - Regular season subscription

Hello everybody

This preseason has gone well for us. We would have liked to have tipped more games of course, but bookies have been very picky on women's games this preseason. Still few more games left this preseason and hopefully one or two tips from us. We hope to see a lot more games when the regular season starts in may when the big leagues go on summer holiday.

Our stats are as follows:

10 tips
89,9% ROI
100% win ratio
28,8 units in profit

The summer looks very profitable and the women's leagues in Iceland have probably never been as uneven. Very few good teams, a lot of bad teams, and we see good potentials. Like always the markets are bigger in the summer and so are the lays.

We have been getting a lot of inquiries lately about the group and if there will be any other subscription option then 50 euros for ten tips. We have decided to add a regular season subscription option. The prize will be 100 euros for 180 days (may - september).

This offer, for regular season, will be ongoing from now until the beginning of may. After that the prize will be 75 euros for ten tips for those who want to join the group.

If you have remaining tips with us (bought ten tips for 50 euros) and want to join for the regular season we can change your subscription platform for extra fee. Please send us a message if you want to change your subscription.

Since going pro we have 84,2% win ratio and 57% ROI in 41 tips and we are only getting better.