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Baseball - USA - MLB
1 May 2019 - 23:20

Atlanta Braves - San Diego Padres


Asian Handicap (1st 5 Innings)


Atlanta Braves | -0.5







Match status

Final score


R(1:0,0:0,0:0,0:1,1:0,0:0,3:0,0:0,X:0) H(9:5)

Posted 1. may at 05:13
Wanna write some words for this early one. I will post more picks later today.

Atlanta with Fried on the mound, a pitcher that already showed he is ready for the majors. This will be his third year playing in the majors and posting great performances so far. In fact, it has been the most reliable pitcher in the Braves organization this year.

San Diego drafted Quantrill in the 2016 as their first round pick. It was a very risky bet by this organization after all the physical problems he had and so far, the risk didnt pay. He was very inconsistent in the minors that doesnt deserve a spot in the majors but the Padres are trying a 6 men rotation to give their young pitchers more rest, and I think that could be a great move but if we only talk about Quantrill, I am not sure that is a good move. He was not posting good performances in the minors, how is possible to think that the majors will go better for him? I think that it will be a disaster.

By the way, Fried was drafted by the Padres so it is always a plus when we talk about motivation. It will be his first time facing the team that drafted him.

Wrote about the Braves this offseason and I still think this team is very dangerous. Lets take the first 5 innings win for the Braves here.

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