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BLOG 4. Apr 2017 at 06:56

New season really kicks off in April! Going private!

Hi Everyone!

The Estonian football season has just finished first month of football this season and it has been a great one for us. Better than that, we have gathered profits every month since pre-season started in January. Now in the April it gets even more exiting, as cup season, women leagues and couple of lowers leagues start. So lot more value to search and tips to share.

Since my followers count as already grown past 300 members and from last 11 months I only lost money on one month, then I have decided to go private for this season, starting from today (04.04).

I will provide well researched tips for Estonian football, mostly in-play, so that all followers would benefit. For 2017 season I have also built my own analytics database about most important Estonian leagues, so I could easily check if there is some value in priced matches. Hoping that it will help to grow my yield even more.

The service is 15€ MONTH or 90€ FULL SEASON PACKAGE (April-November)

  • Skrill account:
  • Please add your Tipstertube username to payment
  • For other payment methods please PM!
Current followers will get first month for FREE!

Going private let's me to work even more on researching the matches and the lines will be available for longer as lurkers can't see my tips anymore. I will tip on quality over quantity purpose so that I will not chase minimum number of tips per month or minimum profit per month, but from previous experience I would say the average will be around 15-20 tips. So possibly less than 1€ per tip.

I have also included 3 pictures of my current stats. First, if you started with 1000€ bankroll and strictly followed my betting advice, you would have made over 600€ in 11 months. If you would have chose index fund instead as an investment type, then you would have made about 70€ from 7.5% annual interest.
Secondly my overall stats which show you that I'm quite conservative about average stake size, but yield, average odds and win ratio will give you more precise picture.
Lastly on the third picture is my last month stats which shows that my database has improved my tipping a lot.

My true hope is that we could build a community that is interested of making money and getting better at sports betting in general. Hoping to help my followers a lot more and giving them more information about the betting style and how I search for value in Estonian football.

Thanks everyone once again and let's have an awesome year!

If you have any further questions then feel free to PM me.