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BLOG 14. Apr at 09:46


Hi guys, Distrital season is over. Has been an atypical season due to Covid-19 whith no games for a few weeks. I want to thank everyone for their understanding over the year. We ended the year with profit around 21.8 units in which we had 6 positive months and 2 months of minimum loss. Could be better? Of course, but in the end what matters is medium/long term profit and this has been achieved. For example, whoever invested 50 euros for each bet got a profit of 1090 euros, who invested 100 a profit of 2180 and so on. For the next season, I will have two more markets, one of them is women's football in Portugal, that I have been working on during this season and I see that we can achieve a lot of value. The other will be the U-19 championship, that this year did not happen because of Covid-19. There may still be more bets over the next few weeks because we are now on playoffs but I will share for free. These bets will not add to the stats. A hug to everyone and take care.