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BLOG 1. Sep at 11:55


Hi guys. Fast review of previous month. We started month really good and win 9 games in a row. In August we made 26 units of profit with yield around 24% . We had some bad luck in the end but overall i am very happy with month. Another good thing which i must expose is our new posting system which is working very well. We have bigger group now with almost 80 subscribers but lines holded very good in this month. I am working very hard and doing all to catch resellers or at least stopped them from sharing but they will always find new way. Most important thing is that they cant be faster than our group. Everyone who has idea who is reseller or how to stop them please let me know. I know some big groups like N1picks and globalpicks but i know there are many others as well. One more important thing. Please please please be responsibly and never bet more than you can afford. You can never be so happy when you win bet than how sad are you when you lose it. I am not perfect and i can have bad months. But i can tell you that in long term we can make some money and that is most important thing. That would be all and lets make some money in September. Below some good bets from this month.
Thank you all for support and be smart in future! :)