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BLOG 8. Sep 2017 at 07:27


Hi everyone,

It’s time to close Australia’s first season in Tipstertube. There are only a couple of finals left in Brisbane area.

First of all, thank you for following me and your support. Over 1000 users interested in my service, really appreciate it.

Results for this season:
Tips 39
Yield 51.78%
Win Ratio 79.71%
Profit 67.06
Avg Odds 1.84
Avg Stake 3.74

Managed to get all 8 months green, although July and August were really disappointing –

Firstly some freak results (Lions -2 at home against Ipswich Knights, managed to lose 1-2, after that game Lions won 6 out of 7 remaining games, GD 24-4 ; Olympic – Sunshine Coast U20 Over 11.5, HT 7-0, ended 9-0, 32 shots on target etc ; Brisbane Strikers U20 FH -0.75 against Redlands U20, HT 1-1 from 45 min penalty, ended 5-1)

Secondly many large bets were prepared but scheduled games never came In-Play (For example Annerley res -0.5 against Centenary Stormers res, Centenary had half of the starters missing, ended 7-0 ; Brisbane City U20 -6 against Sunshine Coast U20, ended 12-0).

It has been an interesting and educative season as a Tipster. Made some awful calls (Souths Utd W +3 against Annerley and Lions -1.5 against Taringa in Cup game) and should have trusted myself much more with tipping but overall I think it has been a great ride.

I watched over 50 games this season to see different players and clubs and that will give us a great advantage for next (pre)season.

Some words about future..

Next preseason starts in January, however there could be some tips from November when National Youth League is starting.

There will be huge changes in QLD/Brisbane men and women football system next season. All the details aren’t confirmed at the moment, so will update when it’s done.
One thing is sure, there will be a huge mess and we can turn that into our advantage.

Another important aspect..

I have decided to go paid from January, this allows me to go full-time and get things more in depth. Will write about paid service soon in the future.

Looking forward to your feedback and thoughts.

Now it’s time to relax.

Your Crocodile Dundee