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BLOG 18. Oct 2017 at 16:46

Kaizen - 2017 Review

Hi Everyone,

With the majority of football already played, there is unlikely to be more than 1-2 bets left this calendar year for Kaizen. So firstly, we would like to say thank you to all those who have followed us until this point.
Overall, we feel that this group has been a success. We have managed to fine tune small details, to create a quality driven advice service that we are sure all followers are able to profit from in the longrun.

Since the change to Pay per tip, we have been much more relaxed about the service and are looking forward to a full season under this system. The addition of Tipstertubes antibot feature has also helped.

As betting websites limit quicker and quicker, accounts become a premium and this is why we feel our service has been so valuable. Long gone are the days of multiple bets a day and accounts lasting months.

It is no secret, our most profitable areas have come from Finland and Sweden, with the addition of high value markets in Denmark and Iceland; although priced far less than previous years.

Sweden: 21 Bets, 85.7% WR, 65.1% Yield
Finland: 22 Bets, 72.5% WR, 30.8% Yield
Denmark: 6 Bets, 83.3% WR, 61.3% Yield
Iceland: 5 Bets, 100% WR, 84.4% Yield
Norway: 5 Bets, 60% WR, 8% Yield

Overall: 60 Bets, 77.6% WR, 45.8% Yield

We feel we have learnt a lot about tipping and the challenges it provides, and our system is a lot more developed and extensive than at the start of 2017. Which bodes well for the future, and leaves our confidence high.

We will post anything we see until the new year, and in mid-December reveal our plans for 2018. Hopefully by then Tipstertube is out of Beta and problem free. We will remain contactable via Tipstertube or email (upon request).

Thank you,