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BLOG 5. Dec 2017 at 04:03


Hi everyone,

It's time to start preparing for Australia's second season in Tipstertube.

First friendlies are already scheduled for the first week of January.

Like I mentioned in my earlier blog post Qld/Brisbane football system will be changed from upcoming season. To improve the level of football in the regions, pretty much all the leagues will have more teams compared to last season. For example WNPL will be upgraded to 14 teams, Queensland Premier League is pretty much new league and will have 14 teams and Brisbane Premier League will consist almost of Capital league 1 and 2 teams.
There will be many new teams from Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast area, that means a lot new mysterious teams. Fortunately I have couple of insiders from these regions to feel comfortably from the start.
Shortly that means by new system the level of teams in each league will be so unequal, don't even want to think about reserves teams.

From this season I will do things full-time, that means I can easily cover all the important games and get more valuable information about new teams.
Like mentioned before as well last season I watched over 50 games of different leagues, so we will be ready from the start.

Last season the volume was about 5 tips per month, pre-season brought more for sure though end of the season bookies weren't so generous anymore and atleast 5 prepared large tips didn't come in-play. Personally I would be happy with 2 tips per week volume.

All the bets will be available in Bet365 and I just checked 80% of last seasons tips were available in Asia. Hope it will be same upcoming season as well.


Skrill, Neteller and PayPal accepted

  • 30€/month
  • 200€ for 300 days - a SEASON, 9 months from January - September (discount for 2 months)
I feel thats a fair price list due to working full-time this season we will have so much valuable information and if things go planned everyone will have good times.
Also I have been informed about 2 reselling groups, cheers to the Polish guys.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Looking forward to a new journey together.

Crocodile Dundee