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BLOG 13. Dec 2017 at 14:10

Bookmakers - The way I use them

Wanted to write a short blog on the bookmakers I use personally and the reason for using them.

$PinnacleSports is a bookmaker I use for asian lines. Handicap and over/under. They allow decent stakes but the down side is they do not offer all the obscure leagues I like.

$Betfair I sometimes use the exchange but not that much. I mainly use the sportsbook with $Betfair for one betting market. Any time correct scores. So if I game I think is going to be a complete walk over I take the anytime CS from 3 or 4 nill to 9 or 10. That means with every goal scored I win another bet.

$Betway is a bookmaker I just started to use about a year ago and I find them great. The best thing about $Betway are the value markets the offer on games. The alternative handicaps and goal lines along with team goals markets. The downside is they do not offer asian lines so I mainly use them to place the value bets. I also use Betway now for my UFC bets as they have good markets there.

$William_Hill is a major key for those who like to bet on Australian football. Like their rt2 and 3 goals and their handicap markets. Decent stakes allowed also and they do not quickly limit you. I also use Hills for mainstream/entertainment bets when watching a game on the TV. I like to take #yourodds with over 2 goals, 3 cards and 10 corners :)

$1xBet has been great for me in the past 2 years. They have huge variety of games, possibly the best tbh. They have alternative handicaps, team goals and more. They are bit quick to limit your account but I find them useful when other bookies do not bring the match I want.

$Vivaro or Vbet is also good for value markets but I have not used them in a while. Their platform is also pretty good.

Those are the ones I am using atm but there are more good ones out there? What bookies are you guys using?