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BLOG 3. Apr 2018 at 12:57

About subscription

The subscription is open!
Firstly, buying the subscription you don’t invest only in my tips but also in me as a tipster helping me improve my skills to provide you with the highest quality knowledge and picks.
A number of tips will be significantly reduced compared to the amount that I gave as a free tipster. I will do it to provide you only the best quality tips that will be based on information that will have a huge impact on the match (connection problems, players absences, etc.) and which I can very often get faster than bookmakers. I will also choose the tips in which I see the huge value which I found by my experience and wisdom about the game.
Most tips will be supported by the analysis except for those on which some key information will emerge just before the game, then I will write only why it is worth to bet on.
You can also expect links to streams (if available), alternative markets that are worth playing for a given pick, information on matches worth keeping an eye on and many more.
+ I post free daily picks for my subscribers
Here is my price available only to the end of this week:
10 tips – 25€
20 tips – 45€