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BLOG 24. Jul 2018 at 22:15

Back in Europe!

Hi All,

Just a heads up that we are back home now. Quick breakdown of things, just to curb expectations and also to give an insight as to whats happened this season.

Have just been out in Australia for the past 7 months. Initially with the hope to be tipping some QLD football whilst at the games. Unfortunately the majority of the games I felt were tip worthy was at 3-5am UK time and since we are on a pay per tip basis, and the Australian market was new to me I decided to hold back on those bets. Rightly or wrongly, made that decision!

The timezone and dodgy internet was an absolute killer for running Kaizen. Essentially Kaizen tips come through a system, I input my data and analysis into the system which runs via the internet. A stable connection is key, and I was unable to have this down under.

This meant that all of my data models are currently outdated (will be getting updated over the next week or so), and although I know the teams reasonably well I find my betting is much more profitable with the aid of the system. I can work much accurately. Add this to the 4am finishes, and it was near impossible to post bets I felt entirely confident on... hence very low volume.

But hey, am back now! Will finish the season strong, make you all a ton of money and make sure I dont make the same mistake next year.

There is a lot of messages for me to catch up on, bare with me but if you need an urgent reply just bump your message to the top of my inbox

All the best, good luck and any questions ask away!