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BLOG 27. Nov 2018 at 13:43

Reporting and pro

Hello guys and happy Champions League week !

Just a quick reminder for our tipsters : Be Honest!

With our user base growing fast it makes it tougher for our admins to keep track on every tipster. Our loyal users are doing a great job by reporting suspicious tipsters who are here only for spamming/ manipulating stats. If you see a wrongly settled tip or a tip posted over the stake limit of 10, please report it using the report function in the settings wheel.

IF you have a tip you really like, post it 10/10... and analysis for followers are always helpful.

We are always looking for more Pro tipsters and if you think you could be one send us at tipstertube a msg via TT and let us know why... The key to become a pro tipsters is good stats, good tips and followers willing to buy.

Have a great week guys